History/ Main facts

UAB Kaminta is one of the biggest construction companies in Lithuania which was established in 1994. It implements various construction projects not only in Kaunas region but also in all other parts of Lithuania. Due to the increasing scopes of work and in order to ensure close cooperation with our customers, in 1998 Vilnius establishment was created. This establishment has already became a reliable and significant construction partner in the capital. Due to the expansion of the company, in 2005, a metal structure factory in Kaunas district was acquired.

The Statybos Produkcijos Sertifikavimo Centras (SPSC) certificate No. 266 assures the right to UAB Kaminta to be a contractor for the construction of a special structure.

The company offers the services of a general contractor and performs construction works of various purposes and volumes:

We can be proud of such buildings as furniture factory “Fitsout” in Karmėlava which is one of the biggest (about 20k square meters), also airplanes maintenance and repair base in Karmėlava region, the industrial building of “Rokor“ with administrative premises in Kaunas FEZ in Biruliškės, Kaunas region, “Eglės sanatorija“ and sanatorium complex for treatment purposes in Birštonas, pre-school educational institution at Santariškės Street in Vilnius, hotel purpose buildings with residential premises A. Mickevičius Street, Vytautas Street, the building of trade and service UAB Tauriga in Giraitė Village, Kaunas region and more others.

During its long work practice UAB Kaminta has acquired the considerable experience of working with cultural heritage objects. All works are performed in accordance with the regulations of the construction work of Cultural heritage building, the terms and conditions of the law on the protection of immovable cultural goods. The company strives to preserve the authentic environment and details to the maximum during restoration work on registered cultural property, their territories, cultural heritage objects.

Among the largest restoration projects: National Kaunas Drama Theater, Vytautas the Great War Museum in Kaunas, Lithuanian State Youth Theatre in Vilnius, Birštonas resort cultural heritage values complex, “Tulpės“ sanatorium housing (Kurhaus) and other related structures, Trakai Peninsula Castle, Christian Maternity Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Kaunas Republic Hospital, Kaunas railway station Passenger House M. K. Čiurlionis Str. in Kaunas, KAM administrative building at Totorių Str. in Vilnius, buildings of Veterinary Academy “B” complex of LSMU in Kaunas, and also other important objects.